Infographic during the day: Georgia is one of the Bulldogs

Infographic during the day: Georgia is one of the Bulldogs

Remember once the New You are able to Occasions broke news apart from Georgians are Bulldog fans?

You realize the drill: The Occasions mines Facebook for data which sport teams users “like” and uses it to generalize team allegiances in every zipcode (how about individuals who don’t “like” Facebook?). They mash it altogether inside a fancy, zoom-able, color-coded map that should really draft districts of fandom.

The Grey Lady made it happen with baseball, and presumed the entire South used Braves caps they made it happen for basketball, and suspected that barely anybody in Atlanta thought about the Hawks (really, they might be directly on that certain). Now they’ve tackled nfl and college football, and colored Georgia a good UGA red.

The Dawgs don’t prevail in almost any zipcode outdoors the state’s borders. However they defend nearly every focus-condition, save for any couple of across the southwest border with Florida who lean toward Florida St. (fair-weather fans wethinks) and also within the northwest who roll using the Crimson Tide (is the weather ever really foul?) Sorry Tech fans-the Yellow Jackets barely crack the very best three in just a couple of Georgia postal codes. Maybe that’s because Tech grads do other, more profitable things with computers than Facebook.

In other UGA-related non-news, Uga was rated top mascot attending college sports-again.

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