Newt Gingrich pictured with adorable creatures

Newt Gingrich pictured with adorable creatures

Media outlets are needed legally to finish the twelve months with commentary presented in list form. It’s within the Magna Carta or something like that. To make certain Atlanta magazine which blog don’t run afoul of lengthy-dead British feudal barons.

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One thought on “Newt Gingrich pictured with adorable creatures

  1. The assertion that the braves didnt get enough support because of Cobb/OTP folks being elitist/exclusionary seems off base. The bulk of ticket sales DID come from north Atlanta suburbs for the last several yea1. Traffic and wariness of crime seemingly did not deter suburbanites from coming. To me, the issue is that Atlanta proper is not and has not been enough of a baseball town to fill the seats. The braves have been supported through viewe1hip for a long time by people all over the southeast. This is great, and very central to their identity. It does not tra1late to butts in seats, though. The population ITP just doesn&1quo;t go to games like the club would like. Maybe this is because of population dynamics that stem from this or that 40 or however many yea1 ago. But make no mistake, the reaso1 for this move are economic. The braves are moving closer to where their modern fan base lives, and moving where they can own, develop, and profit from the surrounding area. Many people are citing the fact that the area around the Ted isn&1quo;t a slum or dangerous. I fully agree. I also don&1quo;t have a lot of sympathy for the whole it&1quo;s difficult to get there argument, because I think it is plenty easy. However, if you have ever been to some of the wonderful ballparks in this country, you know that there is a stark absence of things to do around the Ted. There is no scene around the home of a ballclub with such a rich heritage, and this is a shame. It is also a shame that the scene around the new ballpark will probably feel like an old navy commercial.
    So debate the implicatio1 and causes all you want, but it is silly to point finge1 at Cobb residents for this. The braves made a financially opportunistic move and got a deal they couldn&1quo;t get in Atlanta. The powe1 that be in the ATL threw a bunch of money at a new retractable dome for the falco1 and wouldn&1quo;t give the braves the same shake. And frankly, if the ITP doesn&1quo;t support the team, why should the organization balk at going where they are supported? I mean, if you don&1quo;t love and nurture your wife/husband, surely you shouldn&1quo;t flip out and act surprised when he/she leaves you…….

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