Video during the day: Adult Swim’s “A Lot Of Cooks” is mad genius

Video during the day: Adult Swim’s “A Lot Of Cooks” is mad genius

Should you haven’t yet caught Adult Swim’s viral video “Too Many Cooks” . . . Run! Seriously, shut lower the pc, toss your phone within the trashcan, and obtain the hell from the grid. Because if this Johnson Street send-from corny opening credits from ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s Television shows crawls to your ear, there isn’t any tearing it. Think Lamb Chop’s “Song that does not Finish,” only more demented…well…at least more overtly demented.

Eleven-plus minutes of repetition ranges from amusing to old to absurd to gouge-your-eyes-out maddening. Rapid has gotten the Hollywood feature review treatment from sites all around the Web, grabbing headlines that describe it as being from a “towering achievement in surreal, satiric comedy” to “the sitcom parody of the nightmares.”

Attempting to on-site visit the countless nods to sitcoms (Perfect Other people, Alf), prime-time soaps (Falcon Crest, Dallas), cop dramas (Hill Street Blues), sci-fi and fantasy serials (Question Lady, Battlestar Galactica), or even a Saturday-morning cartoon or more (GI Joe), might make for any great consuming game. Or nightmares of Smarf and/or even the Bearded Man, could drive you to definitely drink alone.

You have been cautioned.


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