Now in Georgia research news: Deadbeat dads, maternal mammals, and egalitarian couples

Now in Georgia research news: Deadbeat dads, maternal mammals, and egalitarian couples

Let’s say deadbeat dads couldn’t pull it off? Researchers in the College of Georgia and Boston College crunched data from 1979 to 1993 having a “perfect enforcement” baseline model accustomed to predict how absent fathers would pay in a perfect scenario. The end result? Unmarried men might have less kids. For divorced fathers: “We do discover that perfect enforcement results in in regards to a five percentage point loss of divorce rates,” states UGA assistant professor Meghan Skira.

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 They are saying you cannot understand maternal love til you have a young child yourself. Ends up, they could be right. Emory College primate experts discovered that molecules preparing your body for having a baby also activate neural pathways motivating parents to look after their newborns. The research states this reaction isn’t restricted to humans and our fellow primates upon giving birth, most mammals develop maternal instincts.

?Should you worry an egalitarian relationship means a shorter period in bed, don’t. Georgia Condition College sociologists refuted a 2013 study claiming that discussing house work cuts into couples’ sex lives, finding rather that couples with equal divisions at work have similar (and often better) sex lives. “The egalitarian couples have sexual intercourse a bit more frequently,” states assistant professor Daniel Carlson.

This short article initially made an appearance within our November 2014 issue.

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