How Atlanta singer Virginia Schenk found another career onstage

How Atlanta singer Virginia Schenk found another career onstage

Virginia Schenck
Photograph by Don Chambers/Studio Chambers

Virginia Schenck recalls being seven years of age and belting out “Jazz Baby” from Completely Modern Millie, holding a baton instead of a microphone. But though Schenck has sang as lengthy as she will remember, she didn’t pursue performing seriously until 2010, after her 23-year marriage ended and her daughter discontinued to school. A couple of years earlier Schenck, a music counselor and educator, had subscribed to a workshop with Bobby McFerrin, who encouraged her to test vocal improvisation and go back to her jazz roots. Today Schenck (who passes her stage name V-A) regularly performs around Atlanta and it has released two albums. Although she frequently sings a vintage style (her latest album, Interior Notions, features a 15-minute cover of Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy”), Schenck intends to incorporate more world music and just what she deems “sacred jazz,” inspired by spiritual music. “It matters in my experience, searching for much deeper meaning,” she states. “I find my music more within the quiet.”

See Schenck live: On June 10, she begins the 5-concert Jazz around the Lawn series at Callanwolde.

This short article initially made an appearance within our June 2016 issue.

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