Exclusive: Atlanta author Lisa Baron discusses her wild “Existence from the Party” political memoir

Exclusive: Atlanta author Lisa Baron discusses her wild “Existence from the Party” political memoir

Atlanta author Lisa Baron had many responsibilities as spokesperson for Christian Coalition director Rob Reed and Republicans political operative. However, it’s the job she performed for future George W. Plant press secretary Ari Fleischer on her behalf knees inside a Greenville accommodation throughout the 2000 Republican presidential primary that’s prone to cause some exploding heads at Fox News now.

The previous Sunday Paper columnist’s debut book, “Life from the Party: A Political Press Tart Bares All” (Citadel Press, $14.95) hits stores today. It’s a no-holds-barred, laugh aloud funny look behind the political curtain. Baron, a “not-so-nice, socially liberal” Jewish girl describes how she wound up employed by Reed, the ambitious Georgia Lt. Governor candidate who saw his campaign derailed by his ties to Kryptonite-transporting lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Around the book jacket, New You are able to popular culture watchdog website Gawker describes “Life from the Party” as “‘Primary Colors’ meets ‘Coyote Ugly.’”

More than a glass of vino a week ago in the St. Regis hotel in Buckhead, Baron sitting lower with Apple to go over it, the response into it and why she chose that specific intimate anecdote to spread out her memoir.

“When you are writing a magazine about Rob Reed, you discuss politics, you have just a little sex and you’ve got just a little alcohol included, you tend to obtain a reaction from people,” Baron states. “When we accustomed to venture out for drinks in the finish of the lengthy day while employed by Rob, once the bartenders would ask what we should did, we always stated, ‘real estate.’ It saved us two hrs of having bashed!”

Baron states she’s no regrets about opening it together with her, um, close encounter with Fleischer. “Here’s the factor,” she explains. “Like everybody, I’ve limitations. But they’re pressed really, really wild. You cannot discover their whereabouts using the human eye alone however i know where they’re. That i can talk about my behavior like a 20-something, it rolls quickly me. It doesn’t bother me. With other people, it’s jaw-shedding.”

Looking back, is Baron happy the 2000 incident happened before the chronilogical age of Twit Pics? “Personally, I possibly could go or let it rest but I’m guessing that Ari is extremely happy about this!Inches Baron states laughing. “I used just it as being an anecdote to exhibit that, in politics, you’re employed hard and also you play hard. It’s all within the same field. There isn’t any distinction because you’re always working. There’s no existence-work balance. It’s all work and also you attempt to slip the enjoyment in when you are able. I simply attempted to slide the enjoyment in additional frequently. Really, I guess I ought to most likely rephrase that.”

One of the juicier factoids within the book? Former Nj governor Christine Todd Whitman is described by Baron who once offered like a press aide during her 1997 re-election campaign as “a total [expletive] bitch. . .Whitman treated her campaign staff like dirty laundry, together with her nose pinched and her mind held high. Whitman appeared to consider it had been beneath her to speak to us, even when i was relaxing in a vehicle together with her.Inches Surprisingly, Reed is portrayed throughout “Life from the Party” like a kind, caring guy who even attempts to set the apparently forever single Baron on a disastrously amusing blind date she details within the memoir (the dinner date having a private jet-owning bed mattress king begins within the Ritz-Carlton Dining Area and ends with him coming out of his hotel bathroom completely naked).

“I think that’s the greatest shocker for those who haven’t browse the book,” Baron explains. They’re going in thinking it’s likely to be some hatchet job around the right and it is not. Rob would be a sweet man. He desired to me to marry a wealthy Jewish guy,” Baron states. “It wasn’t his fault the date switched view it did!”

Another unpredicted surprise for Atlanta morning radio listeners in “Life?” Baron describes her ex-husband and current Dave FM morning man Jimmy Baron with great kindness. The pair first met when Baron ran 99X’s The Morning X. She ongoing dating him despite he went to sleep in the center of their second date. “For lots of women, that will be a deal breaker,” Baron explains. “But considering that Jimmy woke up in the center of the night time for work, I understood it wasn’t personal. It had been just an work-related hazard.”

Within the book’s most touching moments, Baron describes her husband flying lower a flight ticket of stairs and out of the door after her beloved dog Jack operates lower with a delivery truck. Baron then rushed your dog towards the vet inside a futile make an effort to save his wife’s prized pet.

“Our boy Micah is four and God willing, he’s likely to develop and browse this book,” Baron explains. “I wanted him to understand that whenever his parents were married, they loved one another. He would be a product of affection. We’re still buddies and we’re dedicated to co-parenting together. It simply wasn’t intended to be a married relationship.Inches

As national television and radio media begins booking Baron (MSNBC’s Martin Bashir and Dennis Miller have previously scheduled interviews and Vanity Fair is running a web-based excerpt from “Life”), Apple requested which Comedy Central show is Baron’s dream guest place? “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart or “The Colbert Report?”

“Oh, certainly, Stephen Colbert!” Baron states without hesitation. “The man makes me laugh aloud for half an hour every evening. He’s just incredibly brilliant.”


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