Is Newt creating a comeback in Sc?

Is Newt creating a comeback in Sc?

After losing badly within the first couple of votes for that Republicans Presidential nomination, polls suggest Sc voters may be tossing Newt Gingrich an electoral lifeline.

Despite winning small in Iowa and winning big in Nh, the typical of polls shows Romney’s lead in Sc shrinking. As well as an Insider Advantage has Romney in front of Gingrich just by two points, which is inside the poll’s margin of error.

Gingrich (more precisely, his pals) are actually airing a 28-minute anti-Romney attack ad in Sc exploring (a.k.a. trashing) Romney’s career like a venture capitalist/corporate restructuring consultant. The majority of the polls in Sc predate this ad, which implies Romney’s lead in Sc will shrink much more when the next group of polls comes online. That’s not saying Newt’s gonna win. In the end, Romney has got the money hitting back. But it appears as though Newt’s within the fight this time around.

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