The Georgia Symphony

The Georgia Symphony

Since the Cobb Symphony orchestra has dubbed itself the Georgia Symphony, it’s upped its very own ante. Don’t bet against it. Since music director Michael Alexander showed up seven years back, your budget is continuing to grow from under $100,000 to 500, 000. The semiprofessional organization has easily wiped out all debt, grown from three annual concerts to greater than twenty, began the biggest youth orchestra within the Southeast, added a jazz ensemble, created a chorus, and launched a personal academy. It’s already booking dates in North Georgia. All this without public funding from Cobb County.

Alexander credits the symphony’s success for an audience-friendly approach. Whether they’re presenting avant-garde contemporary compositions like Philip Glass’s Heroes, in line with the work of David Bowie (arriving November), or familiar works like Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7, the performers explain-as well as demonstrate-why is each bit significant. “Our audience comes to anticipate that they’re likely to have something to speak about,Inches states Alexander.




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