Should You Buy Cee Lo's Christmas Album?

Should You Buy Cee Lo’s Christmas Album?

Charles BetheaComments

The lovably eccentric hip-hop/R&B/gospel/rock crooner from Atlanta is coming out with a Christmas album, featuring cameos by B.o.B, the Muppets, and Rod Stewart. Herewith, a scientific approach to deciding whether you should purchase Cee Lo’s Magic Moment.

This article originally appeared in our December 2012 issue.

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3 thoughts on “Should You Buy Cee Lo's Christmas Album?

  1. And just as a possible request out of such i1atiable curiosity, if it wouldn&1quo;t be any trouble could you maybe scan or take a snapshot of the memo and email it to me at [email protected], I would be eternally grateful 😀

  2. I tried to excuse the rampant stupidity and backwardness of Atlanta as some sort of elusive “culture gap” for yea1 after I moved here. I&1quo;ve finally accepted the glaring fact that all of the ugly stereotypes I heard about the deep south before I moved here are absolutely, indisputably true. I wish they were not, but they definitely are.

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