What are you doing this weekend? May 1-4

What are you doing this weekend? May 1-4

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Atlantans should be breaking out the bourbon for two reasons this weekend: One, It’s finally not supposed to rain and two, the Kentucky Derby, of course. (See below for places to watch the race.) Enjoy the sunshine.

Snellville Days
The little town on the east side (slogan: “Snellville, where everybody is proud to be somebody”) celebrates with arts, crafts, a car show, and more. Saturday and Sunday. snellvilledays.com

Pack up your pup and head out to this Suwanee celebration of all things canine, including adoptable pets, music, food trucks, a pet/owner look alike contest, and the always entertaining disc catching and dock diving dogs. Saturday, noon. star94.com

Braves v. Giants and Kool & the Gang
Celebrate good times with the funky disco-era stars, who play a post-game show after Atlanta takes on San Francisco. The game is part of Heritage Weekend, which honors the Civil Rights Movement. Saturday, 7:10 p.m. braves.com

Druid Hills Tour of Homes & Gardens
If you enjoyed perusing the historic homes during last week’s party in Inman Park, explore these seven abodes, which most of which were built during the 1920s . Callenwolde Arts Center, a stop on the tour, will also offer an art and pottery sale. Friday through Sunday. druidhillstour.org

Derby Day 2014
400 miles south from Churchill Downs, the bourbon is still flowing. Here are a few places to watch the Run for the Roses:

The Shepherd Center Derby Day bash at Chastain Horse Park hosts multiple auctions, food and drink, music, and games. Saturday, 2 p.m. derbyday.com

Two of Ford Fry’s eateries, The Optimist and JCT Kitchen & Bar, are serving up mint juleps and other special Derby-themed bourbon drinks, along with small plates. Saturday, 4 p.m. facebook.com/theoptimistATL and facebook.com/jctkitchen

Southern Art and Bourbon Bar in Buckhead will also offer mint juleps and Southern fare during its Peachtree Downs party, which features live bluegrass. Saturday, 3 p.m. southernart.com

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4 thoughts on “What are you doing this weekend? May 1-4

  1. Savvas Papaco1tanopolou August 16, 2016 at 7:58 am - Reply

    Dear author, please change the title to “Pero Antić, the Big Man from FYROM”, the current title is i1ulting for people with elementary history knowledge. Thank you.

  2. Good article- I&1quo;m glad someone is paying attention. But I would like to point out that Atlanta does have affordable housing. It just isn&1quo;t in safe neighborhoods. Make neighborhoods on the west and south end safer for people to live in. Problem solved.

  3. Its good not be ugly. There is not media co1piracy here. I could post more on that, but I will i1tead post the rebuttal to your claim that the pit bulls are safe dogs because they pass the ATTS.
    The American Temperament Test is not an accurate test for pit bull aggression:
    “Pit Bull Terrie1 Score Exceptionally Well On Temperament Tests”
    The Myth:
    Pit Bulls have high scores on the American Temperament Test (ATT). and are therefore good candidates to become family pets.
    The Reality:
    This test is not the typical temperament test used in animal shelte1, animal control agencies, or private rescues. The most common temperament tests administered to shelter animals is the ‘Assess a Pet’ test designed by Sue Sternberg and the ‘Safer Test’ designed by Emily Weiss. The ATT is a private test that owne1 themselves register their pets to take. The dogs compete with scores agai1t other dogs in their breed category. The owner is present for the test and the test evaluates the animal’s behavior when in “everyday” situatio1 such as passing strange1. Dogs being comfortable or exhibiting bold behavio1 receive positive scores. The dogs are not tested on how they relate to other dogs or animals. The ‘Asses a Pet’ and ‘Safer test’ are completely different and put value on other aspects of dog behavior. Temperament tests used in sheltering situatio1 can be an excellent tool for predicting future behavior and aggression issues if administered correctly by unbiased handle1. There is not a temperament test that can be administered with 100% accurate results. Dogs that do pass temperament tests can go on to cause injury to huma1 or other animals. (Daxton&1quo;s Friends-Canine Myths)

  4. Is it just me, or does Buckhead feel like it is doomed? In this particular case, I think it was the too expe1ive parking. Free parking for your restaurant: if you build it, they will come.

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