High Museum brings antique conceptual cars to Atlanta

High Museum brings antique conceptual cars to Atlanta

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For its “Dream Cars” exhibition, which runs May 21 through September 7, the High Museum of Art becomes a showroom for seventeen concept cars built by Ferrari, GM, and Porsche.

The fleet represents auto design ambition from the 1930s through the twenty-first century, including a 1953 Firebird I XP-21 that resembles a small jet. (You do not want to know how much it costs to fill that tank.) On the more frugal side, there’s the energy- saving L’Oeuf électrique (pictured), which Paul Arzens designed in 1942 and used during the Nazi occupation of Paris. The bubble-shaped precursor to the Prius and Leaf makes its first U.S. appearance.

This article originally appeared in our May 2014 issue under the headline “Dream Machines.”

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  1. I volunteer at Oakland and I am dreading the new building in the King Memorial Parking lot. It will eliminate the amazing view of the capital and downtown from the cemetery. Bad enough that terrible self storage place went up and not you have to see that eyesore from Oakland but at least it doesn&1quo;t block a great view.

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