Poll: Georgia's top statewide races are all tied up

Poll: Georgia’s top statewide races are all tied up

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Well. If there was any doubt that this year’s midterm election is shaping up to be showdown, it was dispelled with the release of yet another poll, this one showing tight margins that put the two top races in a dead heat. According to a SurveyUSA poll commissioned by 11Alive, the gubernatorial and U.S. senate races are tied within a point, and several down-ticket contests also are tightening.

According to the poll, Republican David Perdue edges out Democrat Michelle Nunn, 46 to 45 percent in the senate race, while Democrat Jason Carter has a 45 to 44 percent sliver of an edge over GOP incumbent governor Nathan Deal.

Brian Kemp
Brian Kemp

None of this is a huge surprise given that the leads have been switching back and forth in those races for months. What’s more notable are shifts in a few other statewide races, particularly in the contest for Secretary of State.

Republican incumbent Brian Kemp once had a solid 17 point lead over challenger Doreen Carter, but that has narrowed, and the new poll puts the race at 46 to 44. This comes as Kemp’s office has been in the news—here and nationally—following its investigation of new voter registrations, which Democrats have claimed is politically motivated.


Doreen Carter
Doreen Carter

Valarie Wilson, the Democratic candidate for state school superintendent, now trails Republican Richard Woods 44 to 46 percent, narrowing what had been a 12-percentage point gap.

One candidate on the GOP ticket, incumbent Attorney General Sam Olens, hasn’t budged. He holds on to a 7-percentage point lead over Democrat Greg Hecht.

You can read the poll detail here.

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